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What are your Fertile Days?

You are able to get pregnant only during a select few days of your menstrual cycle. These days are your fertile days.

Why knowing your Fertile Days is important?

Trying To Conceive:

If you are trying to conceive, focusing your efforts during your most fertile days greatly improve your chances. This has been shown by numerous studies.

Avoiding pregnancy:

To avoid pregnancy you must avoid any potential fertile days. Contrary to a common belief this actually not the opposite of the trying to conceive strategy where you try to target your most fertile days.

Health Monitoring:

Tracking your fertility signs and locating your fertile days is an important pat of your overall health monitoring. It can help you relate symptoms and feelings related to your mentrual cycle and place it into a proper context to communicate with your healthcare provider when needed.

Methods to determine your Fertile Days:

Your body provides easy to read clues about your fertility which allows you to figure out your fertile days. Depending on what you are willing to track and the time you are willing to invest in learning your body signals you have a few options:

Period Trackers:

At the very minimum you will need to keep track of your periods in order to have an estimate of your fertile days. This estimate is very rough and rely on averages which will not work for you if your body is not following the perfect average (which is most case). That said if you are not willing to invest any time learning your fertility at this time it is probably a good start.

You can download a free Period Tracker App here:

Free Period Tracker


The simplest ovulation test is a pee stick which works by detecting the Luteinizing Hormone (LH) in your urine. When this hormone peaks it usually mean that you will ovulate within 12 to 48 hours depending on your hormonal profile. The major issue with these tests are to use it at the right time and the fact that it does not confirm that ovulation actually occurred.

Other devices/monitors measure either other hormones or different signals (skin conductance, heart rate, estrogen…). They each have advantages and most often do not give you a detailed view of what is going on and/or cannot confirm ovulation as well.

Fertility Charting & Fertility Awareness:

This is the gold standard to understand your body fertility and your fertile days. You just need to observe a few body signals daily and track them carefully looking for specific patterns in the data you collect.

The main hurdle to benefit for this fantastic method is to spend the time to learn the basics. You can get a quick overview in 10 minutes with these videos:

Fertility Charting Intro

Within a few weeks you will find it extremely easy ey empowering. Fertility Charting done using the appropriate tool and good basis is the best way to understand your fertility and pinpoint your fertile days.

You can easily download a [Free iPhone App], a [Free Android App] or use a [Free Web App] to get you started quickly and accurately. The time investment is well worth it and these apps have been used by millions of women to achieve their goals.

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